Dr Paul Trevillian. He is the former Director of Transplantation for the Hunter New England LHD, a transplant physician and nephrologist. His research commitments are antibody mediated rejection; immunosuppression in renal transplantation; ischaemia reperfusion injury and tolerance in transplantation. He led the research that found an integrin molecule αvβ6 was expressed in the epithelium of the kidney when it was rejected or injured by ischaemia. He pioneered the application of desensitization of recipients before live donor transplantation and started ABO incompatible renal transplantation here. With colleagues he is evaluating a technique for the early detection of glomerular rejection. He is member of the scientific advisory committee of the Hunter Transplant Research Foundation

Dr Adrian Hibberd. He is a transplant surgeon and transplant immunologist. He is a Professor of
Surgery in the University of Newcastle and was the Foundation Director of the Newcastle
Transplant Unit in the Hunter New England Local Health District from 1985 to 2010. He was
Emeritus Consultant in Transplantation for the HNELHD from 2012- 2022. He is a Lifetime
Patron of the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne. He is Chairman and a
Cofounder of the Hunter Transplant Research Foundation. He was awarded an Order of
Australia (AM) in 2019 for services to renal transplantation and medical research. He
became a Fellow of the Royal Society of NSW in 2019.

Dr Munish Heer. He is a Senior Staff Transplant Surgeon and current Director of Newcastle Transplant Unit at John Hunter Hospital. His research commitments are the detection and significance of transplant artery stenosis, laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and development of business intelligence Solutions for Transplant Database. He has devised a method to detect and prevent renal transplant compression syndrome.

Ms Katie Baines. She is a senior scientist in Hunter Transplant Research Foundation at HMRI.